Best Insurance, Best Prices
As an independent insurance firm, Cambridge Insurance Services Agency has the flexibility to shop for the best insurance products at the best prices. Our independent approach benefits you in better coverage, competitive prices, lower deductibles and the assurance that a trusted, unbiased representative is working on your behalf.

Our Insurance Products and Services include:

  • Life
  • Workers Compensation
  • Health
  • Disability
  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Boat
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Care
  • Annuities
  • Business Insurance
Life Insurance: Protecting Your Family’s Financial Security
Life insurance is a key element in protecting your family from the risk of financial ruin. In addition to providing your dependents with the necessary funds to settle your financial obligations, life insurance can cover the loss of income created by your death and provide other benefits for your family’s financial security.
For example, a life insurance policy can be used to fund education, pay mortgages, act as loan collateral or become part of a retirement plan. Cambridge Insurance Services Agency specializes in providing comprehensive life insurance protection through some of America’s best known carriers

Choosing Your Health Coverage
When it comes to health insurance, the professionals at Cambridge Insurance Services Agency are knowledgeable about traditional coverage alternatives and newer options like Health Savings Accounts that help you take control of your health care expenses with a tax-favored savings account and comprehensive medical coverage.

Home/Auto Insurance
Buying a home is one of the single largest investments that most people ever make. You need to protect that investment, and your main line of defense is homeowners insurance. Your family cars also represent a significant investment and are usually essential to both your lifestyle and your ability to earn income. Cambridge Insurance Services Agency offers comprehensive homeowners and automobile coverage at highly competitive prices. We also guarantee complete service on your policy – anytime you need it.